Each of Tony Mondello’s custom consoles are made to-order, with available options such as custom case cutouts, lights, and more – check out Tony’s Console Shop to customize a console or purchase accessories. Tony offers custom services and sales for not only your Original Xbox or Xbox 360 RGH, but also for the Xbox One and custom PS4 consoles – for custom sales not available through our online store yet, contact him directly.

New! Now offering custom modded Nintendo GameCubes with custom etched jewel faceplates, remote LEDs, and most importantly – the chance to relive those nostalgic escapades from days gone by.

Consoles with a personality, and very personalized…

If you take a stroll through Tony’s blog posts, or kick back for a Mondello movie marathon on his YouTube channel, it won’t take long to notice that he does a lot of custom consoles. A Lot. And by custom, well, we’re talking custom. From the “behind the 8-ball” and eyeball-popping biohazard demon dual nand Xbox 360 consoles, to the stunning Black Ops 4 custom Xbox One, and countless others in between, the custom consoles are a large part of what Tony has become known for – besides his consistent 4-second boot times that can beat a retail console to the dashboard, of course.

All that to say, if you’ve got that itch for something unique and custom with disco LEDs, engraved glass, custom cutouts, or even that trademark Tony laugh when you mash that power button, you’re going to want to contact Tony directly. For standard builds or accessories, you can purchase them right now through our online store. The custom console section will be added soon, but until then, custom sales should be handled directly with the Madman himself – click here to message him on the facebook business page!

If you haven’t seen Tony’s work before, countless videos of Tony Mondello’s custom consoles are on YouTube as well as on Tony Mondello’s facebook timeline. New consoles are posted daily, so check back often!

For sales questions, contact Tony or Lorraine today, or connect with us on Facebook on the official business page for Gardendale Garage.

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