Recent Work and Custom Consoles

Creating custom consoles is one of Tony’s specialties here at the Gardendale Garage. Often one of Tony’s customers comes to him with a really unique request for their custom RGH or Xbox One. We will be filling this page with photos and the back stories for many of these consoles, and adding to it as the requests continue to come in.

If you’re thinking about having a custom case cut, engraving, or custom LEDs done on your console, contact Tony Mondello today with what you have in mind! Custom consoles aren’t limited to the Xbox 360 or Xbox One either. Tony has also done custom PS4 consoles as well.

All custom console work is done in-house by Tony himself; from the vector design for etching and case cut outs, to laser engraving with the laser CNC machine here in the workshop, to each solder point on the ring of light for a custom ROL. This means not only does each console customization get Tony’s undivided attention, but costs are kept low as well allowing those savings to be passed on to you.

This means your custom console will be not just memorable, but affordable also.