Demon Dual Nand RGH for Ryan Young

Okay Ryan, here’s your phat girl all lit up and ready to rock and roll. We have here a Jasper Demon dual nand RGH with the custom engraved biohazard etching and remote LEDs. Talk about bio hazard, this one lived up to her name, too. She’s a big block Jasper dual-nand, but the glitched image is a small block donor nand. The nice thing about that is you won’t accidentally ban the retail kv if you ever accidentally boot up on the hacked image without a kv.bin on your hard drive, unlike the typical dual nand.

She’s shipping out with my usual 3-month warranty for all parts and labor, plus all the extras as always of course.

Hope you enjoy it bro, she’ll be shipping off in the morning. Thanks so much for your business brother.

Images Copyright 2018 Gardendale Garage

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