Xbox 360 Send in repair

Xbox 360 Rgh Repair for Danny Cleary

Danny Here is your Xbox 360 Rgh Repair All done and ready to go. Danny Came to me, he bought this thing from some guy up north. He told me the system never ran right it stopped booting it would overheat, all kinds of problems. So he asked me to fix this thing once and for all. He sent it into me, when I got it I took it apart in front of him on Facebook messenger and its kinda hard for the heat sink to work properly with no heat sink past Also it is hard for it to cool the die down with a stud broken on the x-clamp pins. The ROL had two LED’s out which I repaired. Of course the timing file was off by a mile and the hard drive was utter crap. So I took this thing and rebuilt it in front of his eyes. and Well here she is The Thing Boots like a freaking beast! It’s got a 320 gigabyte hard drive up on Alliance servers with lifetime purge menu.

Xbox 360 Slim Rgh Send in Repair Service

Danny I want to thank you for your business, and I am glad I was able to repair this thing for you. Thank you again will be shipping her off tomorrow!! If you need us hit us upon our Facebook Book business Page

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