Og Rgh Custom by Tony Mondello Not by davisornaw

Xbox Custom Phat RGH For Kyle With

Kyle, here is your beautiful Xbox Custom Phat RGH. Started out with a plain old Plain old Jasper small block motherboard. Installed a Cool Runner Rev.c chip and of course a modified timing file for consistent boot times. Of course we installed a 250 gigabyte hard drive and stuffed it full of goodies. We then installed an RGB remote receiver with a 4th channel lighting that we wired into the Xbox’s RF receiver. We used 5050 multi color RGB LED’s and 5050 Red LED’s for the 4th channel. Custom Modded the ROL to top it off.

The Logo and Etching,

Once we had the hardware in place Myself and Kyle got together on the image. He wanted something to Tribute the Original Xbox console. So what we did was take a photo of my O.G. Xbox and then we vectored the photo and cleaned up the image. 5 hours later we had a design. So once that was completed I used my In House CNC Laser Cutter/Etcher to cut the logo out.

I used 5 millimeter Plexi Glass which we etched and cut the design out, then 1 millimeter Plexi Glass for the backing. We cut rasterized the wolfs head on a another piece and proceeded to shave it down so it gave it the effect of sparkles. I then Bonded all the pieces together and distressed them not to cause cracking in a low temp oven. As you can see from the photo of the console all turned out very well.

One BEAUTIFUL Tribute to the Original Gangster Xbox

Wrapping Things up On The Xbox Custom Phat RGH

Kyle, as you can see this Xbox Custom Phat RGH turned out BEAUTIFUL. It was a Pleasure building this for you. Myself being from the old school gang really loved the idea from the beginning and i poured my heat and soul into this console as i do with everyone of the customs. We Strive to be the best at what we deal and myself I WILL GO TO ANY LENGTH TO DO IT PROVE IT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN, as you can see.

Again thank you for your business and I appreciate the fact you came to me instead of old Sharky’s Customs to purchase this masterpiece. I am proud of this and you should be too as we both built it together. Your idea, my equipment. The best part is it didn’t cost an arm and a leg and it is not some just flat old cut that is boring. This one stands out with alot of the recent customs I have done everyone is unique and different. Enjoy your Xbox Custom Phat RGH. Shipping her out and Lorraine will send you a tracking number. Again Thank you so much.

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