Custom Xbox 360 RGH for Philly Live

The Beginning

Philly, Here is your Beautiful Custom Xbox 360 RGH. You wanted something that stood out well here it is brother. What we have here is of a fat 360. We did a multi-piece 3 dimensional logo of the Philly Skyline. I couldn’t leave well enough alone, so I incorporated The Philly logo as well and a Smiling Half-moon set off in the background.

Someone Turn on the Lights

Led Lighting was done by wrapping the LED’s around the logos to separate the colors. We decided on the skyline white, the Philly logo in red and the moon in blue along with an etched blue back panel. Topped it off with a Modded ROL using red and blue LED’s.

Freaking Air-Tube!

The Air Tube! Ugh yes we had to custom fit and modify the air tube and heat sync to accommodate the LED’s that were attached to the logos. The air tube tunnel gave some interference. We took care of this i went back to my old school days of Chopping tops on cars. I took the same idea chopped the top on the air tube tunnel then applied a new top to it. We sealed it to the heat-sink and she runs a a cool 119 degree’s on CPU and 121 degree’s on the GPU.

The Guts:

I installed a Cool Runner Rev.C. Chip with a modified timing file for consistent fast boots. The console uses the Rgh 1.2 method, fitted a 250 gigabyte hard drive Stuffed the hard drive full. The system comes with 3 month part and labor warranty.

Happy Ending:

Philly, I would like to thank you for your business bro, greatly appreciate it we will be shipping her out tomorrow. You will have a tracking number by tomorrow evening. I enjoyed the challenge doing this one.

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