Xbox 360 RGH with 500Gb Hdd for Robert Dinkins

Here’s an Xbox 360 RGH with 500Gb Hdd for Robert – yes, you have been upgraded to a 500Gb Hdd completely free. The reason being is because it is Christmas time my friend. I decided to give you a little Christmas cheer by upgrading this RGH for you. I am going to at random, pick someone and give them a little bonus. Just my way of saying thanks for doing business with us.

Your RGH consists of a Trinity motherboard a 500Gb drive, Ace v3 with modified timing file for fast consecutive boot times. Also included is my standard 3 month standard parts and labor warranty. Your system is up on Alliance server with a 10 day trial of The Purge for GtaV.

I would like to thank you for your business bro and as promised she will be going out tomorrow just in time for Christmas. Thank you again my friend and Enjoy your Xbox 360 RGH with 500Gb Hdd!!!! Merry Christmas!

Finished Xbox 360 RGH with 500Gb Hdd proof video for Robert Dinkins.
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