Halo 3 Special Edition RGH Send In for Jeremy Dotson

Here is the finished RGH for Jeremy, who sent me his Halo 3 Special Edition RGH through our console send-in service to be modded. Well, you wanted a modded console Jeremy, and that is what I did…more like a modded motherboard transplant. She’s all new under the hood – took out the old Zephyr motherboard and replaced it with a Falcon v2. board. RGH 1.2 method used on the unit, we also flashed the disk drive so it would play your backups.

I used a Cool Runner rev.c chip on the unit. I also stuck a 500 GB hard disc drive in it as well. The system is up on Alliance Server with a 10 day trial of The Purge for Grand Theft Auto V. You have a 3 month warranty on all parts and labor per the standard agreement.

I would like to thank you for letting me work on this Halo 3 Special Edition RGH console. We will be shipping the system out on Monday and you will have a tracking number by Monday evening.

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