Rgh 1.2

Rgh 1.2 with Viper Dual Nand
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Rgh Viper Dual Nand

Rgh Viper Dual Nand In action. I used a Matrix chip along with a Viper Dual nand add on to give this console two identities. One nand is the retail side the other nand is the hacked image side. Using the Rgh 1.2 method coupled with the viper chip makes this thing one booting beast….

Rgh 1.2 Slim Method
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Rgh 1.2 Method On Slims

Hey Guys, Rgh 1.2 Method On Slims. This method works on all slims including, Winbond 4gig and 16 meg Corona’s, as well as Trinity model units. In the Video Below you will be able to see how this is done. We used the Phase Lock Loop point, on the slim to achieve a constant instant…

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