Rgh 1.2 Method on Xbox Slim Models

Rgh 1.2 Method for Slim Trinity and Corona Excluding for now Win bond memory Xbox units. This method is thanks to Mr. Josh Davidson, a good friend of mine that brought us Smc+. He also modified timing files for the Matrix and Ace Chip. Josh and I tested these files and also testing for the Win bond side of it as well. Now I am sure you have all had Rgh systems with horrible boot times. I have had to fix many and of course the problematic boot or it would cycle ok for the first 3 times and then it would take forever to boot. Well with this method Fear not. The simple fact is it boots just like a retail every time.

This method is awesome and now people who do this can actually say my boot times are perfect. Josh found the elusive PLL (Phase Lock Loop) on the slim motherboards the ingredient that was missing. Once that was found he made custom timing files for this method. Myself and a few others tested this and finally he struck Gold. Needless to say no more staring at a black screen as the boot time is equal to a retail normal console now. The only thing is you must scrape the mask off where the Phase Lock Loop point is and it is a very tiny little point like super tiny. But once that is done the rest is a breeze.

Check this Video out of a Trinity with rgh 1.2 as I abuse the hell out of this thing and it still refuses to quit.

Slim Trinity with Rgh 1.2 Method

For you Corona Lovers out there, No i do not mean the Beer her is a lovely corona using the rgh 1.2 Method

Corona Using Rgh 1.2 Method.

In Closing

We are currently Using this method on our consoles now except for Winbond Consoles. The method is rock solid with no bad effects on the units. I hope you guys have enjoyed these videos as this is a major breakthrough since the Inception of Rgh 1.2 by 15432 on the Phat models.

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