College Football Revamped

College Football Revamped Winner

Congrats to Mr. Logan Berry of Maine!!!! Logan Placed an entry for the College Football Revamped Give away. We picked the winner in a live stream on Facebook, Low and Behold Logan one this beauty. The console itself started out life as a Jasper. I Rghed it using method Rgh 1.2 and a Cool Runner Chip, Clear Top for the Dvd Drive. Custom Laser Etched Glass with the College Football Revamped Logo engraved on a Football. Programmable Addressable LED’s that are Remote controlled with over 300 modes of operation as well as Red Green Blue and white Static Colors. I also Modded the ROL with a seven color changing fading center and red led accents.

The system has a 250 gigabyte Segate Barracuda 7200 RPM drive, loaded with Goodies and of course, Version 13 of The College Football Revamped Mod for NCAA 14. Emulators, Xbla, Tools all included and 1 year on Alliance Servers. We will be shipping the console out to Logan Shortly and I do want to thank everyone for entering.

We will be having another give away soon just so you all know and I want to thank SMOD personally for doing the live stream and giving this unit away. I appreciate everyone who entered and all the support i have gotten over the years from all of you. Thank you so much, not only for your business but your friendship as well. I appreciate everyone.

Logan, Enjoy your New Console and all of the perks that go with it. Again thanks to everyone who entered. College Football Revamped has been a long time staple in the community and it was about time that someone did a true custom for the actual modification itself. If you did not know, there are hundreds of people who work on this modification and once a month there is always an awesome update to it. So thanks to the guys over at College Football Revamped for their time and dedication. For custom work pricing follow this link:

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