Xbox 360 Slim Rgh Modified Console

Xbox 360 Rgh Update for Yasser Mahmood

Yasser, Here is your Xbox 360 Rgh Updated to Dashboard 17559. I do appreciate you sent it all the way back to me for an update. I have a friend in the UK who I trust with Xbox’s His Name is Paul, and is a very good friend. If you ever need an update please message me before sending it back to the states. I trust him and he does good work and sending it to him will not void the warranty. So anyways besides the update I updated some more things in there for you Like the Xbox original Emulator. I know you are a Gta freak so watch the video you will see quite a few surprises and will bring you back to the old school days. She is all done and Running like a raped ape.

Thank you for your business brother and because you sent it back to me I will give you some extra time on the server as well. I also included the Purge Epilogue edition on it so you will be good to go. Thank you once again my friend Merry Christmas Shipping her out Thursday! Enjoy, and if you want to please join our facebook business page at . Enjoy your Rgh my friend.

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