Xbox 360 Rgh Modified console

Xbox 360 Rgh Update for Alejandro Gonzalez

Alejandro, Has been a long time friend and customer here is your Xbox 360 Rgh. Now he sent his Xbox in to be updated, which I did. Also Alejandro likes to drink and one night he decided he was going to do a bad ass cut on the xbox I sent to him. Well it kinda went a stray. More like Alejandro, you do not need to go near a dremel tool whilst you are drunk!!!! Merry Christmas Alejandro, I replaced the case DO NOT CUT THIS CASE!!!! Lol. Anyways, she is all updated up on Alliance Server Purge Epilogue edition Demonstrated and also Backwards Compatibility Demonstrated along with Gta Vice City, Halo2, etc.

Alejandro’s Reborn Rgh

Alejandro Thank you for your repeated business brother.. Shipping her out tomorrow Enjoy your Reborn Rgh You know where to find me

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