Xbox 360 Rgh Modified Console

Xbox 360 Rgh For Dario Verde

Dario, Here is your Xbox 360 Rgh. You watched me build this in our Alliance Group on Facebook on a public post so you know exactly what went into it. Every Solder Point right down to the last screw. You also watched the boot time as you can see on here no difference between them.

We installed an Ace V3 and a stuffed 320 gigabyte hard drive along with 30 days on Alliance Servers with a 10 day trial of The Purge Epilogue Editon menu for GTAV.

Xbox 360 Rgh for Dario Verde

Now this little puppy is going across the pond to Belgium. I appreciate you coming to me and even know what shipping would be. You still purchased it and i thank you for your trust and confidence in my work. We will be shipping her off tomorrow international and you will Receive your tracking information tomorrow evening. Thank you again and enjoy your console! You have our Link

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