Xbox 360 Rgh Modded Console

Xbox 360 Rgh Send in For Kenny McWildcat

That’s right, time for another special edition Star Wars Xbox. You watched me build this thing step by step as well as the entire public forum out on Facebook, Kenny. From solder point to solder point. and as you can see she is all done and ready to leave the nest.

Coming your way, the Star Wars Special Edition Corona Model with a 16Mg nand motherboard. Ace V3 Chip used with 15432’s Modified timing files to let her rip skip faster than ever before. Shes got a 320Gb hard drive up on Alliance Servers with a 10 day trial of The Purge for GtaV.

Kenny thank you for your business brother i am glad you let me mod this beauty for you – talk about perfect condition, she’s mint condition from top to bottom.

We will be shipping her off on Saturday with your other Gears of War Special Edition you sent to me. Thank you again and will have the second one done tomorrow! Enjoy your Rgh! You know where we are!

One Beautiful Star Wars Special Edition Xbox 360 Rgh Send in Service
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