Xbox 360 Send in Service

Xbox 360 Rgh Send in Service for Eric Quint

Eric, Here is your Xbox 360 Rgh. Eric sent this console into me he bought it from someone else. When he got it nothing worked. The original seller of course vanished into thin air. Needless to say he had a dilemma. So he sent it into me.. I re-timed the Ace Chip Put new Heat sink paste on it. Cleaned her up Rebuilt the hard drive. Now she is up on Alliance Servers With a 10 day trial of The Purge for Gta-V.

Eric Quint’s Send in Xbox 360 Rgh

Eric, Thank you for your business brother. Glad I was able to straighten her out for you Enjoy your console bro. We will be shipping her off today and you will have a tracking number by tonight. Thank you once again and you can reach us at

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