Xbox 360 Rgh

Xbox 360 Rgh Custom Halo Send in for Shon Goodman

Shon, Allright Brother here is your Xbox 360 rgh Custom. We did a Halo Theme as you requested. I installed a coolrunner Rev.c, we used the rgh 1.2 method on this unit. We did Custom Laser Etched 3d Glass, and then installed ws 128 addressable lights to add some flair. Installed a fully loaded 320 gigabyte hard drive, and set it up on Alliance Server. Of course we gave you a 10 day trial of The Purge for GtaV and the system is up on Dash 17544.

Custom 3d Laser Etched Xbox 360 RGH FOr Shon Goodman

Shon, Thank you for your business I hope I Captured what you were thinking in your head. Enjoy your Xbox 360 Rgh Custom. I enjoyed building it for you and really do appreciate your business. Thank you once again we will get it shipped off tomorrow!. If you need anything please feel free to message us at

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