Xbox 360 Rgh Send in for Will Jones

Will, here is your Xbox 360 Rgh. I know you sent yours into me and well it looked like a dumptruck ran over it.. Needless to say you have been a long time customer of mine so i felt compelled I took your 250 gig drive swapped for a 320. Then I wen and built you a new console. She is on dashboard 17544 Along with a 10 day trial of The Purge menu. You will be on Alliance as we are patching our server and it should be up tonight.

Xbox 360 Rgh for WIll Jones

Will, I want to thank you for your repeated business, and I just wanted to help you out brother.. Enjoy your rgh we will be shipping her out tomorrow. Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by tomorrow evening. You can contact us at our facebook business page

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