Xbox 360 Rgh Repair for Fredy Oroico

Fredy, Ok guys just a little back story Fredy Messaged me on face book about an Xbox 360 Rgh Repair. HE said it wasn’t booting it would do nothing. So He send in a Slim-e Model 4 gig Corona with Samsung Memory. So i get this thing I open it up and Well Helen Keller on crack comes to mind once again. Wiring crazy I right away sent screen shots to him in messenger showing him the Godforsaken wiring. Well turns out thankfully his nand was just corrupted from here to hell and back I will let the video do the rest of the talking.

Xbox 360 Slim-E Send in Repair

Needless to say It is back from the dead. Bigger Badder “LOL how bad can a slim-e be??” Ok anyways all done brother shipping her out tomorrow Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by tomorrow evening. Thank you once again and if you need to contact us please hit us up on our Facebook Business page

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