Xbox 360 RGH consoles ON SALE NOW

Xbox 360 RGH Consoles On sale now. These console come fully complete turn key. Consoles come stuffed with a 320 gigabyte Hard drive Loaded with Mod Menus, Games, Emulators, Arcade games. Everything to satisfy a beginner to a seasoned veteran. Full Warranty and built tough to last and last.


Xbox 360 RGH Consoles Contents:

  1. Gaming Console (Fat or Slim)
  2. Modified motherboard with Ace or Cool Runner Rev C.
  3. 320 Gigabyte hard drive loaded with everything you need
  4. 30 days on our Stealth Server Alliance Live
  5. 10 day trial of The Purge Menu for GtaV
  6. Jiggy menu for bo2
  7. Blue sky menu for mw2
  8. Assorted other menus for GtaV
  9. Off hosts for Cod Ghosts and Mw3
  10. 3 month warranty parts and labor (Extended warranty available)


On our Site you can choose any color rol as well as accessories including power supply and controller. We also offer Laser Etched Glass, all of our designs are done in house by myself and our cad equipment. All Custom Laser etched Logos glass and cuts must be discussed with myself on our business face book page at . We can do anything you would want you can provide images or a theme you might like and we will custom design it and once you approve of the etching we will begin making it for you.. This service includes The Cut Laser Etched Glass and Rgbw Lighting with Remote control. The price for this service is $125.00 dollars.


As you can see these are not run of the mill flat cut outs that were done with a dremel while eating Doritos. They are actual works of art that freaking blow the competition out the freaking door. Every one was custom made and designed on a cad program. You want something that is really custom? Well here it is.


System Prices as follow

1. Phat Xbox 360 Gaming Rig with 320 gigabyte hard drive $125.00

2. Slim Xbox 360 Gaming Rig with 320 gigabyte hard drive $145.00

Click this Link your Gaming rig Awaits <Xbox 360 RGH CONSOLES>

Thank you for Checking out our Xbox 360 Rgh Consoles!

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