Xbox 360 Custom Bioshock RGH for Davin Mayorhofer

Davin, Here is your beautiful Xbox 360 Custom Bioshock themed RGH. Davin came to me looking for something on the edge of lunacy and insanity. Actually he wanted both. Well I do believe I have achieved that here. He wanted a Bio Shock themed console sporting the graphics from the game. The game was published I do believe in 2007. So I proceeded to get to work, I wanted to give this a lot of etching and make the logo as big as possible.We took multiple artworks and put it together, thus creating what you see in the photo.

The Xbox 360 Custom Bioshock console check her out!

Beast 2 tb Custom Bioshock 360 RGH

Such a time:

Then I Rghed the console using Rgh 1.2 method and a Jasper motherboard. Davin wanted custom sounds for it. I procured a soundboard with a built in amplifier, the unit has 11 triggers, and each trigger can do more then 9 sounds. We only used three. I customized the start up the sync button and the eject button. We then stuffed a 2 terabyte drive in it and put the system on Alliance server with lifetime Purge menu.

Davin, you watched me build this thing through messenger. You know everything that went into it. I hope you enjoy your beautiful Xbox 360 Custom Bioshock Rgh. If you need to get hold of me directly please message me on facebook, or hit up our facebook business page if you need to get hold of us quickly at . Thank you very much for your business. You could have went to others, but you chose us. It is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your console we will be shipping her out tomorrow and you will receive a tracking number. Please once you get her rate and review our website and tell us what you think of our work.

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