Xbox 360 Rgh Repair for Rodney Brooks

Rodney, Ok brother I am glad you sent in your Xbox 360 Rgh Repair for me to tackle. THis thing was a Refugee. If you follow my Facebook Business Page Posts you would see what this thing looked like. It was like who did it and ran. I replaced 2 leaking caps on the motherboard, used a Donor nand as the original nand was corrupt. Once that was completed, I patched the nand with the correct DVD key and also flashed the drive with LTU, this lets you play backed up originals. After 2 hours of completely revamping and cleaning everything she is done.

This thing was a nightmare from the Get Go.

Rodney, Thank you for sending this into me to repair as it raised my blood pressure and I am in a corner drooling with my hands over my ears repeating SAFE PLACE SAFE PLACE. I think i picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue. Anyways. She is all done and will be on her way back to you Thank you again for your business!

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