Xbox 360 Fat repair for Jeff McKeighan

Jeff, Ok one Xbox 360 Fat Repair completed. Jeff bought this console off of another builder for 200 dollars, and the way it came in I was Shocked. I sent some photos of this thing and a few videos of it, with me taking it apart. I showed him HOW NOT TO BUILD A CONSOLE. Needless to say it came in here for a drive problem. It wouldn’t eject the dvd drive, well i fixed that but THERE WAS A LOT MORE.

  1. Glass attached to the case with hot glue instead of Epoxy
  2. The soldering job was complete crap.
  3. The LED’s he could barely see. Why? Because the moron used RGB LED’s which only give you a small amount of red instead of actual true 5050 LED’s.
  4. Boot time was unpredictable
  5. The motherboard was filthy loaded with dust.
  6. The original builder did not use no clean flux, and left the stuff on the board and it was corroding the pads and points he Gobbed solder on.
There was alot more then just fixing the dvd drive.

These are the Before Images

Did he use a blowtorch
Literally a mess
Can we burn the post out anymore?

This is after I got done with it

As you can see wire management better
This is after i cleaned up the original chip as best as i could.
Put new thermal paste on As the builder left the original crap from the factory
Removal of the lousy leds and installed Fresh 5050 Red Leds
Ready to now put the cover back on her
Repaired the Glass and as you can see its bright now.

Needless to say I was disgusted. I am not one to start wars. But the cut out should ring a bell to the builder I am talking about. I am extremely disappointed in him, as I actually respected the guy and if this is what he is selling, well I am not impressed, in fact I am REVOLTED by it.

The unit is all fixed up and now ready to go. I completely went over it step by step with the owner. I sent him photos of before and after as well as video documentation.

Jeff, I appreciate your business we will be shipping her off tomorrow. Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by tomorrow evening. Again thank you for your business I know i got more then what i expected on this ahem… Send in but I will not let a unit like that leave my shop knowing full well it is going to fail. Enjoy brother.

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