Xbox One Customization and Repair

The Beginning

This one is an Xbox One Customization and Repair, A little background on this unit. My co worker Erin McGinnis calls me up and says Tony, my Boyfriend spilled sprite in his Xbox one! Help! we tried drying it out and can’t get the front plate on so on and so fourth being the type of person i am sure we will get it going. She failed to tell me the sprite went into the top of the unit WHILE IT WAS RUNNING. UGH!

Troubleshooting the thing

Well “I know this is a deep Subject” I proceeded to take apart the offending Xbox One, only to find 8 open capacitors, one detonated Mosfet, 1 SMC “Surface mount Capacitor” and two diodes completely blown off the board.

So here we are with a disaster, I quickly cross referenced the parts and to my amazement my local electronics store “Forbes” thank God had all the parts I needed.

Replacement of Blown up Crap

Here we are back at the workstation replacing all the aforementioned parts “Which happened to SUCK BIG TIME”. After 7 hrs of insanity I was able to take her out of ICU, as she started breathing on her own. I then cleaned the entire unit removing liquid flux from the motherboard and gave her a good bath. Oh then come to find out Erin then tells me oh by the way the baby shoved two disks in the drive. I asked myself WTF?

When I pulled the disk out and saw the content, it absolutely changed my image of DeeMac 205 forever: Especially when i find Happy Healthy Monsters disk from Sesame street in it.

Customizing Time

After all said and done. DeeMac205 is a professional gamer he has a you tube and a sponsor. So of course you all know me as a mad man “More like a gluten for punishment” So I went ahead and Designed a Custom 3d Raised Etched Logo With his Gamer Handle on it His favorite colors are purple and silver. Needless to say she is adorned with purple jewels to set her off. I reversed the fan Shroud and clean everything cut out the logo and finally got her done.

In the End

When a friend or a co worker calls you on the phone freaked out HANG UP…. HANG UP NOW! Run for your life! Hide in a cave! Just don’t answer the damn phone. Erin you know i am kidding with you I gotta razz you just a bit after the total of 12 hours I spent on this thing. Also you owe me some Minoxidil as I have no hair left after this one. I have one thing to say to you


Enjoy your New To you and DeeMac 205 Xbox One Customization and repair. Do not forget the repair as I never will let you forget it

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