Gears of War Special Edition Modded Xbox Console Send-In

Gears of War Special Edition Xbox 360 Console send in for Thomas Tabbut Рall finished and ready to ship. Thomas sent us this absolutely gorgeous retail Xbox 360 using our Xbox console send-in service through our new website in order to have the console modded. We did a red fan wrap and custom modded ROL, with a 320Gb hard drive ready to go. The newly modded Xbox 360 console is running on an ACE V3 chip with one of my carefully chosen modified timing files to make sure she boots fast as a retail every single time.

All Lovingly put together, and ready for you to start modding with the minute you open the box. This console is really sweet and I enjoyed making it for you. Enjoy it Thomas.

We will be shipping your modified Xbox 360 out tomorrow and you will have a tracking number by tomorrow evening. Thank you so much for you business. Merry Christmas.

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