Custom Console Shell Cutout with Raised Engraving for Jamie Harris

This is a custom console shell cutout for an RGH, featuring raised plexiglass engravings and etchings and custom logo for Jamie Harris, aka “EvilXD”. I did yours up as you asked, with your name, and Enforcer etched in the Five Finger Death Punch brass knuckles, well…plexiglass knuckles that is. XD

Jamie already has an RGH, but wanted it customized, so I’m shipping this customized top half of the shell for him to swap out on his console. He also ordered a second custom console shell for his wife, EvilLindz, which I featured in this post for her custom console cut out.

Thank you for your business, bro, I appreciate it and enjoyed doing it for you.

Custom console shells are being added to the website for those of you who may have already purchased and RGH or modded Xbox 360, but want to customize your console case.

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