Gardendale Garage Gets a Facelift

Welcome to the new home for Gardendale Garage, offering custom Xbox 360 RGH and JTAG consoles by Tony Mondello. With thousands of consoles under his belt, and a happy customer beside each one of them, Tony’s work continues to raise the bar with every custom build he does.

Our new site will provide a more intuitive and user-friendly interface to make purchasing Xbox 360 consoles, upgrades, custom cutouts/lights, or accessories easier than ever for both seasoned modders and first-timers alike. Over the coming weeks look out for fresh content and guides as well as some limited edition custom RGH consoles available – all Tony Mondello original work.

Although the domain has changed, it’s still the same Gardendale Garage – with a little extra snazz! You will be able to continue accessing the site using the previous address, though we encourage you to use our new domain when linking to the site or sharing it with friends or on social media.

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