Madman Mondello

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Xbox 360 Slim RGH For Kya Nelson

Kya, here is your Xbox 360 Slim RGH. She is all ready to go, Ace V3. Chip and modified timing file. We Installed a 250 gigabyte hard drive fully loaded, the console is up on Alliance Server, sporting a 10 day trial of The Purge for GtaV. We also installed Jiggy-4.2, Xe-cheats, Blue-sky menu, as…

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Xbox 360 RGH Fat For Austyn Doyle

Austyn, Long time customer Repeat buyer, here is your Xbox 360 RGH Fat Jasper. She is white with Blue ROl and we threw in Blue LED’s just for the hell of it. 250 gigabyte hard drive. Installed a Cool Runner Rev. C. chip. Modified timing file, RGH 1.2 method, boots like a retail console. 3…

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Xbox 360 RGH For Blake Snow

One slim black Xbox 360 RGH, here we have a slim with an Ace V3. chip, a 250 gigabyte hard drive, along with a modified timing file to assure a quick boot. Up on Alliance Server, and Rocking lifetime on The Purge Menu. Blake, Thank you for your business brother we will be shipping her…

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