Madman Mondello

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Xbox 360 RGH for Scott Rink

Mr. Scotty Hotty Rink, All right brother here she is One Xbox 360 RGH. We started off with a slim model, installed an AceV.3 chip and a modified timing file. Installed a nice big 250 gig drive loaded with all the goodies. I modded your ROL as you asked Purple, Blue, Purple, Blue with a…

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Xbox 360 RGH For Brad Mcrae

Brad, Here is your sweet Xbox 360 Rgh Trinity. We installed an Ace V.3 Chip, with a modified timing file for fast consistent boot times. I installed a 250 gigabyte hard drive, the console is up on Alliance Server and has a 10 day trial of the Purge. The System has Jiggy Bluesky Menu Ghost…

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Rgh Xbox 360 for Tian Chen

Tian, One Beautiful Rgh Xbox 360 Trinity Slim. Installed an ace V.3 Chip. with a modified timing file for fast boot times. We also installed a 250 gigabyte Hard drive with the unit. 3 Month Parts and Labor Warranty included. Tian, your system is up on Alliance Live servers with a 10 day Trial of…

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