Gardendale Garage History and Alliance Electronics

Our Roots as Alliance Electronics

The Gardendale Garage history began with Alliance Electronics as a small Facebook group back in 2014 – just a bunch of installers building RGH systems and modded PS3 systems. The members of the group included Sigfredo Gomez, Nigel Atkins, Chris Jewell, Modzie Von Zyborg, and myself – Tony Mondello. We all had vast experience in electronics, design, as well as fabrication. Over the years, many of the members have gone their separate ways as jobs and family took precedence over the hobby.

Enter, Gardendale Garage

I branched out from Alliance Electronics and started a shop called the Gardendale Garage where I have now built over 4,300 consoles to date. We launched our first online presence just 2 years ago with a very simple site, just so people could place orders online to help with the ever increasing orders Рbut as we grew, and the orders continued to pour in to the little Gardendale Garage, it became more and more cumbersome. We then decided to rebuild the website into what it is today  Рoffering products and services that will always stand out from the rest.

Our systems include a multitude of features giving you a complete environment that is the essence of the word “Turn Key System”. We have also implemented a support group for our customers, along with libraries filled with mod menus and free content to serve as resources for our customers – both new modders in the scene, and veterans. Each Xbox is built here at the Gardendale Garage in my workshop with quality and care.

In this business there are a lot of wanna-be’s, as well as the average basement installer just out to make a quick buck. Once the system is sold, often there is little to no support; there is no caring, just an astounding silence – especially when there is a problem. Having pride in our work, and providing our customers with a quality product was a common goal that each of the founding members of Alliance Electronics shared, and is an important part of not just the Gardendale Garage history, but our future also. If a problem should arise, you can rest assure we will be there to help through our support group, as well as our business page on Facebook.

You don’t just get a box. You get our support with it after the sale as well.

Custom Work

Our work is second to none, with carefully crafted custom console case cuts, raised engravings, and more all done by our in-house CNC laser machine. And what is a custom console without the lights? Offering remote lighting as well as multi-color LED mods and Ring of Light (ROL) mods tastefully combined with etchings of your design, every console that ships out is unique and memorable.

When making a custom RGH console, we take an image that you provide us, vectorize it, and transfer the etching to the console as an engraving, or a 3D effect inside a surrounding cut out based on what you have in mind. Each and every engraving and cutout is precise to the millimeter – I believe in the “measure twice cut once” philosophy – in order to produce a beautiful, sharp, detailed finished product to match your style and what you want.


We care about your package and only use the correct shipping methods with proper packaging to protect your investment, and ensure it’s safe arrival at your doorstep without problems. After shipping well over 4,000 consoles over the years, you learn a thing or two about packing them right! We ship all over the world every week, and always work with you, even when it means dealing with hold ups and delays going through customs.


Send Ins
RGHing Xbox 360 consoles
Drive Flashing Services
Custom console case cuts, etching, and engraving (they make console wraps look cheap in comparison!)
Custom console LEDs
Complete console shell modifications on all gaming system consoles

We do custom Xbox One consoles regularly, in addition to Xbox 360 modifications as well – all next gen Xbox models (the Xbox One S and Xbox One X), as well as custom PlayStation consoles including PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

All systems are thoroughly tested and warrantied by us through our website warranty program, available here on our site.