1up COnversion to Raspberry pi Mega Build

Arcade Conversion To MegaPi for Chris Wright

Chris, Here is your 1Up Arcade Conversion, Chris sent me all the parts and told me to build this crazy thing. Well after the cursing and swearing the end result was this beautiful Multi MegaPi build.

It started off life as a 1up cabinet from Walmart, I gutted it like a fish. We ripped everything out, Updated the Controls to real arcade controllers. Sourced a monitor adapter to convert the signals to HDMI and installed a 20 watt amplifier. Added easy get usb encoders.

We used a Raspberry pi 3b+ bought an aftermarket fan for it and used a 3000ma power supply to make sure it had enough. Installed a power strip bar inside the cabinet and then drilled alot of holes lol. I installed a 512 gigabyte class 1 sd card to handle the Os and of course all those beautiful emulators and roms.

Christ Wrights Amazing 1Up Conversion to MegaPi Build by Tony Mondello

Chris I hope you like what i have done We go back a long ways brother and i am glad i could build this for you.. It was an honor and enjoyed every minute of it. Yes even the cursing and swearing and I am sorry for the names i called you under my breath Lol… Enjoy your system brother now we gotta get it shipped lol. Hit me up you know where I am. https://www.facebook.com/TonyMondelloRGH/

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