Xbox 360 Send in

Garrett Bice’s Xbox 360 Rgh Send in Service

Garrett Bice Here is your Xbox 360 Rgh Send in service, Minus the 25 second Boot times. Lmao. As I said whoever did this clearly needs to take some lessons and not just stick a chip on a board and call it good. All the LED’s in the world couldn’t fix this problem, however I did. The system boots like a beast. 1 shot one kill Corona 4g Model “Oh by the way that everyone says Sucks because of the boot time. No it sucks because you have idiots or should I say Wannabe’s putting them together and DO NOT UNDERSTAND how to use modified Smc’s and timing files.

Now its a Sweet Booting Corona 4gig after i unfucked it by some wanna be hack.

As I said a video is worth a Million words. Anyways she is all done and ready to go. Thank you for your business We will be shipping her out Monday If you need to get in touch with me Just hit us up here

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