Xbox 360 Rgh

Xbox 360 Rgh Update for Brandon Murguia

Brandon, here is your Xbox 360 Rgh. We go back a long ways, I remember when I sold you this very same console back in 2015. Bro I cannot believe it has been that long. I looked at the original Nand dump done back in Nov 2015. All I can say is memories and it was nice having my old friend here. Lol. Also nice to see its still running and booting like a beast.

Updated to 17544 Original Console sold to same Customer back in 2015 Still booting like a BEAST

Well we updated the dashboard for you as you wanted transferred all your account over from the old hard drive and gave you a nice 320 gig drive along with a side plate that was missing. I also replaced the wifi adapter because it was on its last legs. Updated on 17544 and Ready to rock and roll on Alliance servers with Lifetime Purge. Thank you so much for sending her back to me and i was happy to just have to update it as it still boots like a beast. Awesome brother enjoy and we will get it shipped out tomorrow! You know where to catchme if you need me bro.

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