Raspberry Pi 4 Computer

Raspberry Pi 4 For Dave Hensley

Dirty Dave Hensley. Here is an update on your Raspberry Pi 4 Multi Computer Retro Gaming Video Streaming Xrated Video Full on Raspian Buster 64 bit Computer. Geeze that was a mouth full.. Lmao.

Anyways Dave came to me he loved my Mame Machine and then i got a pi 4 and showed some of the things it can do “Oh it can do many Don’t short change it” Anyways he wanted one… So We got all the parts I got everything done except for the emulation as this is so new there are not emulation builds for it so i am going to do a work around and do my own for you. Anyways here it is brother so far so good

Ohhhh Dirty Dave you Naughty Boy lol

I thought you might like an update on this so just to show you where we are. I am going to have it finished by the weekend. So enjoy the video brother.

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