Xbox 360 Rgh Custom

Custom RGH Xbox 360 for Logan Strickler

Logan, Here is your Custom Rgh Xbox 360. We started with a Fat Jasper 256 Megabyte Nand. We then installed a Coolrunner Rev C Chip. I added a 320 gigabyte hard drive, and of course we did your Laser Etch One off Custom Green Day logo. RGH 1.2 Method was used on this, and I then modded the ROL. She is up on Alliance Servers with a 10 day trial of The Purge for GtaV.

Custom One Off Greenday Fat Jasper Big Block Rgh With 320 gig drive.

Logan, I want to thank you for your Repeated business over the years. I appreciate you and glad I could build This Custom Rgh Xbox 360 for you. Enjoy it brother if you need us you can find us right here

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