Xbox 360 Custom LegoBatman Console for Erin McGinnis

Erin, Here is your Xbox Custom LegoBatman console. Now t a little bit of a back story. Erin works with me at our office in Bham SHe is our Office manager and Wanna be er, um, I mean dispatcher. We work for an Hvac Company and she just loves sending me everywhere “Literally” But anyways it is her sons birthday tomorrow. She wanted me to do a stock console but she wanted it to be a one off. Well I do belive we acheived that so what we have is a stock xbox 360 fat console Complete Stock with a hard drive controller and wireless adapter.

Lego Batman Fat Xbox 360 Stock Console

Erin, I will be bringing it into work with me tomorrow AND YOU CANNOT PLAY WITH IT DURING WORK HOURS. Lol. See ya tomorrow and I hope you liked what I did.

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