Mame Game Time with the Madman Mondello Arcade

Ok it is Mame Game Time. you all know i am a bit twisted in the head. Well here we go. I always wanted to build one of these things and well I am finally getting around to it. After i finish the prototype I will be selling these things as retro is very in and in a big way.

I just received all the parts to get this thing built and right now it is very basic for now. You know this is going to have custom laser etched glass LED’s. I am going to make this thing crazy but i just thought i would share this with everyone. We will see how it turns out as the weeks progress.

Madman Mondello’s Custom Mame Arcade system

Now with an insane amount of luck and perhaps a bit of hair pulling I will be able to fit in this bartop a full-on Windows gaming computer, Xbox 360 RGH, an Xbox One, and a PS4. This is one i will be keeping for myself. Lorraine saw it and Screamed MINE MINE MINE. So ahem…. yeah… anyways. Just wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of this thing as it is far far from done. Thanks for watching

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