Xbox One + Xbox 360 RGH + PC All-In-One for David Stotler

The beginning of the Xbox One Xbox 360 Rgh Pc Custom Build.

Xbox One Xbox 360 Rgh and Pc Combination Custom Case for David Stotler. Ok in Previous Videos you saw me in the progress of this thing. Well Finally Today July 5th The System is Done. David Contracted me to do something completely insane outta the box. Well i do believe i achieved that. What we have here Ladies and Gentleman Children of all Ages. is what is known as the TE720. Total Entertainment 720 System. Why 720? Because it has three major components. 1 a Full Xbox one S. An Xbox 360 Rgh system, and to top it off one Intel Cherry Trail 64 Bit Full on computer along with Kodi for a full entertainment experience.

The TE720 Xbox One S Xbox 360 Rgh and Full PC 4

I need to Re-Purpose My Brain.

We repurposed the LED’s built into the control panel. When you power on the Xbox one S the bottom is white you power on the Rgh the top is blue. The pc has a red power indicator. The Rgh is fully loaded with a 320 gigabyte hard drive. The Xbox one S is a stock piece with fabricated wiring harness’s. We had to reorient the dvd drive, as well as the 360’s wiring harness. Total labor was 30 Hrs of labor a multitude of wiring fabrication and of course the insanity with the Ws128 Led Lights.

The TE720 Total Entertainment Center Xbox One S Xbox 360 Rgh PC 4k

Yes I really Lost my Mind

I also incorporated Xbox 360 Neighborhood on the Pc for easy access to your Rgh for copying files folders menus etch and it is the Full XDK as well But please this computer is not for Visual Studios if you want something to run that let me know so i could build you a thread ripper LOL. David I hope i nailed this for you From the Custom Laser Etched Glass down to the last Sync Button. I enjoyed building this project it was a blast it was Challenging it made me CURSE YOU SEVERAL TIMES as well as my self for letting you talk me into this lol. But all in all not bad for 30 hrs worth of Pain Suffering and DRINKING as well as wanting to go in a closet and shoot myself in the face.

Control Panel for the TE720

Its Getting a bit Crazy with the Xbox one Xbox 360 Rgh

I fabricated all the wiring harness’s as well as made it very Modular. I was going to build a Crazy Power supply for the unit. The time and investment would have 100 dollars in components alone. So we X86’ed that idea and went with a simpler approach as we had a budget to stick to. The systems Control panel is a compromise of 3 red buttons. On the left power eject and sync for the one s. The right side is power eject and sync for the 360. The center power button is for the Pc itself. The two top usb ports are for the pc. The usbs on the left go to the xbox one. The usbs on the right go to the Xbox 360 rgh.

Xbox one Xbox 360 Rgh
Ventelation Is Not a problem with this beas

The Wrap Up

David I want to thank you for your trust in me building this crazy thing. It was a challenge but then again you know me. I have fabricated everything under the sun this was no different. Thank you once again we will have to talk about a method of shipment with insurance on this thing. Just for the Omg. You know these shipping companies, I do not trust them as far as they can throw this package. Oh wait I forgot its a shipping company they are good at throwing things around. Get with Me and Lorraine about getting this thing outta my living room. Thank you once again my good friend Enjoy your TE720. Our Facbook Page link

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