Custom Xbox One S for Moises Armada

Alright brother, Here she is One Custom Xbox One S Send in. You said to me go crazy. Well I went a little overboard we put your Ride a Nice Day on there. I liked it but It was kinda Blah, so I did some work on the fan. It is a complete custom fan shroud one off that I did on my CNC, it has 3 parts 1st is the center, 2nd is the base plate with the honeycomb holes, thirdly we put a trim ring around the fan, all laser etched of course.

We then Stuck Ws 128 300 mode led programmable addressable lighting in there.I had to Clearance the fan blade’s so we actually have the leds in the fan not flat on the heat sink we put them inside and out. Then we wrapped the Ride a nice day with the same and put it all back together.

Hope you like it brother, tt was a blast to do. Also a lot of Cursing as the damn thing is so small. There is no ROOM, No WIggle Room NO ROOM!!!! lol… But we got her. Enjoy your Custom Xbox One S.

We will be shipping it out Tomorrow and Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by tomorrow evening. If you need to get hold of me Please use this link

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