Custom Xbox 360 Rgh For Dez Dee Odin

Dez, Here is your Custom Xbox 360 Rgh. We did yours the way you wanted using good old Harley Quinn as a Theme. You know that we couldn’t vectorize the photo that you sent. Because we couldn’t do the vector I took the image you sent me and I free handed the Drawing. 8 Hours of my Life, but it was well worth it for the way this thing came out and I was happy to do it. We installed RGBW led lighting, I do believe you said to me and I quote “Never Enough LEDS!”, well you got it. This should burn your face off and scar the corneas of your eyes. ” I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SLEEPLESS NIGHTS NOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR VISION”. Now after i installed the Million leds oh and not to mention over 150 solder points UGH! She is alive and kicking.

She One Sweet Harley Quinn Themed Xbox 360 RGH

Dez, She is up on Alliance Servers along with a 10 day Trial of The Purge for GtaV, loaded with a 320 gigabyte hard drive. We will be shipping her off on Monday and you will receive a tracking number by Monday Evening. Thank you so much and enjoy your Gorgeous Harley Quinn Custom Xbox 360 Rgh. If you need to get hold of us please contact us on Facebook at this link . Thank you once again for your Repeated business and now you can make your Husband Scream for mercy when you turn him into a tree or something like that on GtaV. Oh I can just imagine the Shots being fired back and forth between you two when you get raging on your consoles. Remember guys no shots below the belt. The loser cooks dinner and takes out the garbage for a month!

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