Moises Armada’s Laser Etching for his Xbox One

Ok Guy’s and gal’s, this is a laser etching for an Xbox One. A lot of people have asked me “how do I do this, what do you use, and questions galore. Well in this video I actually show you how it is being done. I have done videos like this before and have had several people ask me can you show us what and how you do it real time. Well this was as close as I could get. This logo is for an actual customer that sent in his Xbox One to be done.

Moises Armada Xbox )ne Cut out

I know the video is long, people asked and that is what it takes to make one of these things. Thee are several factors in etching these things that I try to touch base on. I am no camera man and i don’t know it all. This is how I do it and the equipment I use. I do not send any of my stuff out this is all my own work. I hope you enjoyed this video.

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