Xbox 360 Custom RGH for Marvin Anaya

Marvin, Here is your Xbox 360 Custom RGH, We did your Pac-Man themed console. Laser Etched Custom Logos With Rgbw Remote LED lighting. We installed an Ace V3 chip with modified timing files for a quick boot time, and then we installed a 320 gigabyte hard drive.

Custom Pac Man Themed Old School Gaming Trinity RGH

Marvin, I want to thank you for your business bro. I Appreciate the time you spent on The Logo of Pac-Man I enjoyed doing Ms. PacMan “I said Doing” lol. Anyways brother she is all done and ready to go we will be shipping her out tomorrow. You can expect a tracking Number by Tomorrow evening. I enjoyed building this Xbox 360 Custom RGH for you, it was a blast, and brought back a lot of memories. If you need to contact us directly you can hit us up on our Face Book Business Page here .

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