Xbox 360 Slim Rgh for Sabotage and Matrix

Sab and Matrix, Here is your Xbox 360 Slim Rgh. This ones got a bit of a story as Sabotage who happens to be partners in a little server called Xbonline recommended Matrix to me to build a console. Well of Course we are all good friends and well here she is. One Gears of War Trinity Model Ace v3 320 gig drive Fully Stuffed Up on Ahem… My Server “Why you might ask?” Because Sab has an uncanny way of making things hard for me LIKE NOT ANSWERING MESSENGER!!!!!!! So for now up on my server with a 10 day Trial of The Purge for GtaV.

Sweet Little Gears of War RGH

Well As you can see We did a fan wrap in Red and a red ROL to match the Console itself. That green was just not cutting it with me… Anyways Guys as always it is a pleasure doing work for you. Enjoy your console Matrix! Sab brother thank you so much for Recommending him to me its Appreciate of course. We will be shipping her out Monday you guys know how to get in touch with me.. If you need to you can hit me up here for quick response at my Facebook business page . Thank you again for your purchase of this Xbox 360 Slim Rgh.

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