Xbox 360 Slim RGH for Dawson Rego

Dawson, Ok brother here is your Xbox 360 Slim RGH. She is all done and ready to go. Ace V3 and a 320 gig hard drive as an added bonus for you. She is up on Alliance Servers with a 10 day trial of The Purge for GtaV.

Xbox 360 Slim RGH with 320 Gig Hard drive Bonus!

Dawson, I ran into an abundance of 320 gigabyte hard drives. I mean a freaking slew of them, Well my good fortune is my customers good fortune. In plain English until supplies run out you will get a 320 gig drive for the price of a 250 gig drive. Same price for the promo console only boasting a fully loaded 320 gig drive. Merry Freaking Christmas Happy New year and all that crap… Enjoy brother and thank you. We will be shipping her off on Monday Expect a tracking number by Monday Evening.

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