Custom Suicide Squad RGH for Keith Parker

Keith, here is your beautiful custom Suicide Squad RGH. She is all done and ready to rock and roll. You and I sat down and we went back and fourth on how it should look and what you wanted. Finally in the end we have a beautiful, tastefully done, RGH with laser etched 3d raised glass. I installed a 44 function remote along with 4 channel’s for pilot leds.

Suicide Squad Custom RGH For Keith Parker

This console was a send in for him, he bought it originally from me. When he sent it in he said I want something that stands out. Well from the look of good old Harley holding that baseball bat it is the pinnacle of STAND OUT. I am glad you sent it back to me so I was able work some magic for you. I can only hope that it is what you envisioned.

SImply Stunning

Keith, I hope you are happy with your Custom Suicide Squad RGH and I am glad to have been able to make this showpiece for you. We will be shipping her out tomorrow, and Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by tomorrow evening. Thank you again for your repeated business brother.

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