Custom GtaV Xbox RGH for Dave Hensley

Dave, here is your Beautiful Custom GtaV Xbox Rgh. Myself and Dave poured some soul into this one. Dave is a Pc Gamer he came to me wanting something custom, something over the top. Well Between his ideas and my ideas and our collaboration we came up with one insanely custom Over the Top Beauty.

The Guts of this Custom GtaV Xbox RGH:

  1. Jasper small block motherboard
  2. Cool runner Rev c. chip with modified timing file
  3. Rgbw Remote controlled LED lights
  4. A whole lotta plexiglass
  5. 500 gigabyte hard drive
  6. GtaV Package
  7. Myself wondering am I a Lunatic “PROUDLY YES I AM”
  8. Cheering from Dave as i showed him how it was built step by step
  9. Custom cut Logos and custom cut faceplate.
  10. I do believe i have lost my mind with this crap
One Beautiful GtaV themed custom Rgh

We put a lot of heart and soul into this Custom GtaV Xbox Rgh, and it is the first time I ever cut the front plate and for good reason, ITS FREAKING TIGHT IN THERE. But we did it and it came out gorgeous even for the small size We used red for the pilots and we used rgb’s to light up the front logo.

Small but a lot of defintion

I couldn’t use the milling machine on this because it was way to small, so i broke out the small hand files and my old dremel tool and proceeded to cut this out by hand. Ahh the memories that came back to me as I cut this out and how i just said to myself. Self you need to see your shrink because you have damn well lost your mind LOL.

Finishing up

Dave, I hope you like what I have done, we spent a lot of time going over what this thing was going to look like. Being this is your first Rgh I wanted it to be special and I wanted it to knock your socks off. I do hope I achieved your expectations on what you wanted this console to be based on, and I want to thank you for your business. I am very happy you came to me so I could turn your dreams into a reality. Thank you so much again, we will be shipping her off tomorrow. Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by tomorrow evening.

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One comment

  • David Hensley says:

    OMG Brother it arrived today and i am totally impressed . It is everything you said it would be and then some. The pictures truly do not do it justice. It is Dope AF and works great. I of course played GTA V but there is a ton of games for me to play for the first time and also revisit. Your an artist Tony … Thank You for creating a masterpiece for me .

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