Xbox 360 Custom Modded RGH

Xbox 360 Custom Modded Rgh for Redd Delaney

Redd, here is your Gorgeous Xbox 360 Custom Modded Rgh Fat Girl. As you can tell, we pulled out all the stops on this one. This thing will make you slap yo mama. She is sexy to say the least, you watched me build her from a stock jasper in messenger on Facebook. You know exactly every solder point every wire right down to programming the nand. We do not do half ass work and we also strive for excellence and we make these affordable for people as we know money does not grow on tree’s.

The Guts of this Xbox 360 Custom Modded Rgh:

Started off with a stock Jasper small block motherboard.

  1. Cool Runner Rev. C Chip Rgh 1.2 method with modified timing file.
  2. 320 Gigabyte Hard Drive.
  3. Custom designed laser etched raised Plexiglass logos.
  4. Programmable addressable multi colored remote control lighting.
  5. Standard motherboard cleaning preparation.
  6. Modded Air tube tunnel and Fan mount so case would fit right.
  7. Custom Modded ROL Red blades with 7 Color fading center LED.
  8. Cleaned DVD drive reconditioned drive with new laser and belt.
One Bitchin Custom Modded Xbox 360 RGH

The End Result:

One Gorgeous looking Xbox 360 Custom Modded Rgh. Complete with exactly what you wanted. The system is up on Alliance Server’s with a 10 day trial of The Purge for GtaV. Menus included Jiggy menu for Bo2, Blue Sky for Mw2, off hosts provided by the server Ghost cheats and Modern warfare 3 cheats. There are other various free menus included for GtaV as well as you will have access to our Discord Group which has a library full of stuff to download and install on your Rgh.

Wrapping This Beautiful Build Up:

Redd, I want to thank you for your business. I also want to thank Joel, he is another customer of mine that bought one last year and Turned Redd on to me. I appreciate you both. We will be shipping this Amazing Gorgeous Beautiful “Ahem someone else’s word’s LMAO. I know I am a Smart Ass lol” tomorrow and Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by tomorrow evening. Thank you again for your business, it was a pleasure working with you on this.

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