Bradys Gaming Rig PC

Gaming Rig Pc For Brady Dillard

How this Gaming Rig PC started out:

Brady, Here is Your Gaming Rig Pc. I know guys its not an Xbox. But I am not a one trick pony like these wanna be builders. I can build and modify anything including your pets, toaster, and female companions. This here started as a box of parts. He picked a DIY case, and he let me focus on the internals. After all the insanity he went through to work within his budget, we came up with this. It sure as wasn’t easy with how much hardware is these days, and also the way the games utilize memory and graphics.

Nice Budget Build Gaming Rig

The Meat of the Build:

The system has a core i5 8400 8th gen intel processor vr ready hdcp turbo and octane compatible. we have 16 gigs of High Speed ddr4 Ram installed with a 1 terabyte drive and we installed a 750 watt power supply. We wanted to be able to handle the lights and the new graphics card he is getting for the unit. RIght now we have his old one in there which is really nothing to write home to mama about but we figured an nvida 1080 x is on the horizon.

The Software:

The software We installed Windows 10 UGH, However we dual booted it with Linux Mint Tessa build. So she is Bi-Sexual and runs both ways lol. Needless to say we were on a budget as this is his first real rig and i told him if you want something that is going to play the games you want and do video editing and stop animation this is a decent build. If the pc doesn’t have enough ass to run games like GtaV and such then it doesn’t need to be built it needs to be thrown away. So here you have it… One Gaming Rig By MadMan Mondello all ready to go. Make sure you use f11 to boot to either Windows or Linux Mint Enjoy your Gaming Rig Pc.

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