Xbox Custom Demon Dual Nand Console for Billy Markley

Building the Xbox Custom Demon:

Billy, one Xbox Custom Demon Dual-Nand RGH all done and ready to go. She started life as a Jasper small block, I installed a Demon Dual Nand Chip. A Cool Runner Rev.C along with a modified timing file. We programmed the chip with rgh 1.2. and I then went and used a donor nand for the hacked image side.

I patched the kv.bin with the correct dvd key so the dvd drive works on the hacked as well as retail side. In no way did I ever want the retail nand to ever get exposed. Therefore we don’t have to worry about the original nand ever getting exposed. I then Stuck in a 500 gigabyte hard drive fully loaded.

We did a one-off 3D laser etched engraving and named her Wild Ride. We installed a custom modded ROL and Remote LED’s 4 channel with the pilot being white. She has a wireless adapter and power supply.

Just a little Note to Billy:

I appreciate the fact you bought multiple systems from us, I really loved doing this one, and it was a treat to be able to see it come to life before my eyes. The Boot times as you can see from the video is as fast as the retail side.

We also gave you a full one year part and one year labor warranty with the unit as well. She is Up on Alliance Servers with a 10 day trial Of The Purge for GtaV. Please make sure to rate and review our service on the website.

Wild Ride Demon Dual Nand Rgh

All done:

Billy, I want to thank you for your repeated business Enjoy your Xbox Custom Demon Dual-Nand RGH. We will be shipping her off tomorrow and Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by tomorrow evening. Thank you again!

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