Xbox 360 Rgh Slim For C.J. Calvani

C.J. here is your Xbox 360 Rgh Slim. Ahem “Italian Style” Nothing but the best for my coom-ba. I included Genoa Salami, Cappacuolo, and some Provolone and top it off we have a nice Vino with it. Actually she has an aceV3 250 gig drive up on Alliance Servers along with a 10 day Trial of The Purge.

Little Slim Rgh Italian Style For Mr. Calvani

Cj, I just hope you can take a joke, as this scenario just came to mind when I decided what kind of video I wanted to do for you. I had a lot of fun doing this video and hope you can appreciate it. Thank you for being a good sport lol. Oh and remember to follow the steps because if you don’t, well we will not talk about what will happen on here. Anyways enjoy your Xbox 360 Slim Rgh my friend. Shipping her off Monday, and Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by Monday evening, thank you again!

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